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Top 10 Fantasy Movies

In the early 1980s, the first fantasy films began to appear, which invariably attracted the attention of the cinema viewer. Most of these films are adapted from books or comics, but there were also those that became copyright masterpieces of scriptwriters and directors. Among those and others there are unique stories that are fascinating and able to plunge a person into the world of impossible miracles.

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Gosha Kutsenko about his film "Balkan Frontier" 2019

In mid-December, the 20th Century Fox Russia’s YouTube channel published its first trailer for the film The Balkan Frontier. Determining the genre of a picture is quite difficult. The love, melodramatic line is intertwined with the events of hostilities, questions of masculine valor and honor. Release date in Russia - March 28, 2019.

Resistance - a film about the hero of World War II Marcel Marceau

The art of pantomime during the Second World War, the rescue of hundreds of Jewish children - this is in the biographical tragedy comedy by Jonathan Yakubovich “Resistance”, the film is scheduled for release in 2019, the cast is known for a long time, and the trailer will be presented later. The budget of the picture is 15,000,000 €, the expectation rating at KinoPoisk is 100%.

9 strong films about men with character

Hipsters, influencers, tender and vulnerable infantile boys in skinny jeans and barbershop styling ... Men who do manicures and choose face cream in the store no longer surprise anyone. Clear boundaries between men and women are erased, and there is nothing wrong with that. Taking care of yourself, equal responsibilities at home, choosing a “non-male” profession (for example, a man-manicurist) is wonderful, but sometimes you want to see a defender next to you, a knight from old novels, a man behind whom a stone wall "that" said how he snapped ", who is not afraid to take responsibility and is always responsible for his own words.

Developed - sci-fi by director of Annihilation

The release date of the new FX series “Developed” is scheduled for 2019, the actors are known, but the trailer is not yet available for viewing. He will tell the audience the intriguing story of a female engineer whose boyfriend is missing. Once she discovers that his disappearance is somehow connected with the activities of the company, for which the main character works.

12 TV shows that only a woman will understand

Every year, filmmakers increasingly prefer women who play the main roles. In 2017, the percentage increased significantly to 24 and reached a new level, because in 2009 the figure was 15%. This is not surprising, because it is women who are able to skillfully get used to the role and act in films with a deep and true meaning.

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5 inspirational series about strong women

The weaker sex is no longer weak. Women lead companies, single-handedly drag the whole family, lead countries, invent new technologies, fly into space, drive cars, build houses. This is given to some very easily, while others are forced to take on such a role due to life circumstances. Is it difficult for women to do business and fate?

5 series about true friendship

You can invest millions of dollars in shooting and get a gorgeous saga like “Game of Thrones”, you can come up with an incredibly twisted story about a drug dealer teacher and create a gorgeous Breaking Bad, but ratings like the top 100 best TV shows of all time will always be headed by a friend of everyone the story of six friends from Manhattan.

8 dark series about the future that will make you afraid of tomorrow

Most often, the future is seen by mankind as beautiful and joyful: we will cure all diseases, learn how to prevent disasters and cancel all wars. But there are those who do not share universal optimism and adhere to an alternative version of the development of events. We present to your attention a selection of TV shows about the world in which something went wrong.

17 interesting balconies that can only be seen in Russia

The balcony is a multifunctional place. For some it’s a warehouse, for some it’s a workplace, and for someone it’s a nice corner where you can retire. But the fantasy of apartment owners, judging by the photographs presented in our review, knows no bounds. Pharaoh’s Abode Part of Ancient Egypt in Russia Combination of apartments “And the apartment turned out to be one floor lower ...” Balcony and character Female and male look at the design of the balcony Guarded Watchdog on the balcony Minimalism Nothing extra Skillful hands Thanks to skillful hands the window turns into neat balcony Garage Balcony with a special place for a bicycle Gulliver Huge balcony on the background of small balconies White crow "A man wanted a balcony - a man made it!

“Salt 2” - will there be a continuation

Beauty Angelina Jolie captivated the audience by playing an employee of the CIA, and now many fans are waiting for the appointment of the release date for Russia of the second part of the film "Salt" ("Salt 2"), the actors and plot of which are unknown, and the trailer has not yet been released. The first part turned out to be profitable, but they did not immediately think about the continuation - however, the sequel still received a green light.

New teaser of Game of Thrones - who will survive

So the official teaser of the 8th season of the game “Game of Thrones” came out, and it's time to parse a new video with the intriguing title “Aftermath” - “Consequences” (the official video from HBO is presented below). The creators threw new food for thought, but we still hope for one big trailer of the last season.

Pass (Der Pass)

The new German-Austrian series “Pass” (Pagan Peak) with popular actors (episode release date is January 25, 2019) will tell about the investigation of a series of occult killings, the trailer shows footage of one complicated story, which is not so easy to unravel. Spectators are waiting for incredible beauty of landscapes, which are especially appreciated by lovers of mountains and picturesque forests.

Star Wars fans and their incredible collections

The premiere of a new episode of "Star Wars", held last week, caused considerable excitement among ordinary lovers of good cinema, and among real fans of the famous space saga. Reuters photographers recently went looking for the most dedicated Star Wars fans in Japan, England, and the United States to remove their precious collections, tattoos, and costumes, as well as their stories.

Breaking Bad will bring the heroes together again

Vince Gilligan is the creator of the series Breaking Bad. He wrote the script, he was also the producer of his brainchild. And just recently, Vince shared his dreams with reporters: he wants Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul to work together again and be in the same frame. Brian Cranston (Walter White) in a photo shoot for EW Producer revealed his secrets to Entertainment Weekly during an interview.

7 best films about the Middle Ages over the past 7 years

The Middle Ages are the times of noble knights and impressive outfits, interstate feuds and exquisite tournaments. The entertainment of the era forces filmmakers around the world to shoot films dedicated to this historical segment over and over again. We have compiled a list of the best films and TV shows about the Middle Ages that were released in 2012-2018.

20 rare photographs of famous personalities taken during their youth

Once they had just begun their journey, they were young and direct, they were not doing what they would like, they fell, rose again, and today the whole world knows their names. But the indefatigable energy of life, the desire to win, be remembered and change the world in the early years sparkled with sparks in their young eyes. Decl and Timati, 1999 Salvador Dali in Cadaqués, 1930, 26 years old The Beatles, 1957 George Harrison 14 years old, John Lennon 16 years old and Paul McCartney at 15 years old.