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New teaser of the Game of Thrones - parsing

Recently released 2 trailer, but rather a promo, season 8 of the Game of Thrones, so the time has come to parse with new frames and theories. The videos were released on the HBO channel, the audience managed to notice several new scenes that were not yet in the first teaser, and on which impatient fans can put together several puzzles for the plot of the final season.

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Top 10 scariest horror movies

At all times, people were afraid of the dark, demonic creatures and everything that bordered on the normality line. But at the same time, curiosity pushed adventurers in search of adventures that scare the most daring hearts. This is how urban horror legends are born, the stories of which formed the basis of many stories included in the top 10 most terrible horror films.

What to look at HBO instead of Game of Thrones

The HBO channel will release the Asunda series in the epic fantasy genre. The idea for the creation of the project was served by the original Asunda comics by Sebastian Jones, who will also be the screenwriter and producer of the series. Mimi DiTrani will also be another producer. Apparently, the project will answer the question of the audience about what to see instead of the “Game of Thrones”, which is about to go to rest.

7 films that we watched to holes on videotapes

Imagine for a moment that the Internet does not exist. No removable drives with a terabyte of memory, which stores your entire collection of films and TV shows. No flash drives with which you can transfer the desired movie from one computer to another in a couple of minutes. And computers, in principle, also do not exist.

5 long-awaited series that will be released in early November

November is not only a harbinger of winter, but also a month that will bring us new seasons of our favorite TV shows. So, pour hot coffee into the mugs, get the warmest blanket out of the dresser, get comfortable and study our serial poster for the first half of November. Enjoy watching! Stan Against the Forces of Evil / Stan Against Evil November 1, Season 2 Movie Search: 6.

BEEF: Russian Hip Hop

The shooting of the first documentary about Russian hip-hop BEEF: Russian Hip Hop (2019) lasted several years. The director and screenwriter of a large-scale project was the eminent domestic rapper Roma Zhigan. According to him, after viewing this picture, people of all age categories will be able to speak with the modern generation in the same language.

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Terminator: Dark Fates - Details You May Have Missed in the Trailer

Already in November, we are waiting for a new Terminator with an age qualification of R (16+) and a cyborg killer with the letter R (REV-revolutionary). In the plot “Terminator: Dark Fates” (2019), the analysis of the trailer will help. It’s impossible not to notice the dizzying chases, fights in the air and under water, but let's take a look at the details that you might overlook.

Live photos of Julien Duvier

We want to show you cinemagraphs created by a graphic designer from France - Julien Duvier. In his works you will see simple scenes from everyday life, looking at which you will feel that you are watching a movie. Cinemagraphy combines traditional photography with elements of local animation, which creates the effect of a live picture.

Highway Robbers - a movie about hunting for Bonnie and Clyde

On March 29, 2019, the release date of the movie "Highwayers" is set with actors Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in the lead roles: a movie trailer is already available for viewing in Russian. The film premiere has a rating rating of 98% (English-speaking users have already been able to rate the film - the rating on the IMDb website is 7.8).

Mom, I'm fine!

27-year-old Brussels resident Jonathan Quinonez quit his boring job, sold his car and set off to travel the world. And so that his mother would not worry about him, he regularly sends her new photos, in every possible way demonstrating that everything is fine with him. Jonathan talked about why he chose this method: "Moms always worry about children.

The magical world from Oleg Oprisko

Oleg Oprisko is a talented photographer from Lviv, creating stunning surrealistic images of girls - goddesses of the earth, water, fire and air. It is they who, with the advent of the new time of the year, repaint the foliage in a different color, it is they who sew the long covers of greenery, which then cover the ground, it is they who caress your face, touching the light breeze in the fields.

"Infinity" - a new sci-fi thriller with Mark Wahlberg

The release date for Antoine Fukua’s new project, Infinity, is set for August 2020, the actors and plot of the science fiction film are known, the trailer has not yet been released, but viewers are looking forward to an adaptation of the novel by Eric Meykranz with Mark Wahlberg. Expectations rating (KinoPoisk) - 97% Infinite USA Genre: Fiction Director: Antoine Fukua World premiere: August 7, 2020 Premiere (Russia): August 6, 2020 Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Sophie Cookson, Johannes Heykyur ​​Johannesson, Kae Alexander Despite the fact that the main role in the sci-fi famous Captain America could not fulfill (due to a busy schedule), Chris Evans, the director was able to find him a worthy replacement - Mark Wahlberg.

What to watch at night: Top 10 most terrible horrors of all time

Fans of the horror genre love to feel the adrenaline rush, experience a real nightmare, enjoy movies about zombies and ghosts, about evil ghosts and demons. Just imagine how you watch a bloody horror in a dilapidated wooden house. Outside the windows, the wind howls relentlessly, the windows tremble, and the floor creaks treacherously.

Robo - a new film about the friendship of a child and a robot

In the winter of 2019, the family-run domestic film "Robo" will be released, the release date in Russia is set for December 12, 2019, the actors can be seen in the trailer, the story of the friendship of the robot and the boy should please the audience, regardless of age. The budget of the picture is 150 million rubles. Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 41% Russia Genre: drama, family, science fiction Director: Sarik Andreasyan World premiere: December 12, 2019 Russian release: December 12, 2019 Cast: Daniil Muravyov-Izotov, Sergey Bezrukov, Maria Mironova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Konstantin Lavronenko, Elizaveta Moryak, Hrant Tokhatyan, Kristina Orsa, Klim Berdinsky, Elena Borshcheva The voice of the robot in the project belongs to Sergey Bezrukov.

The results of "Drops" - the action-packed film festival and horror films

The 9th Russian International Action Film Festival "DROP" (2019) was held in Moscow, the winning participants are already known, and among the guests and the jury, Hollywood stars and representatives of the foreign film industry were seen. The organizers of the event are the production company Live Entertainment (president - Victor Bulankin) and Atmosphere (president - Yana Kutueva).

Top 31 Adventure Films with a Thrilling Story

Adventure films with an exciting plot combine interesting stories and a variety of genres from thrillers and action movies to science fiction and comedies. They are distinguished by bright content and keep the viewer in suspense from the first seconds of viewing to the final credits. The adventure genre allows you to escape from everyday worries and plunge into the incredible world of courageous heroes, traitors and villains.