Pilot - war drama about the hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Maresyev

Peter Fedorov starred in the military film "Pilot" (2019-2020), release date, actors, the plot of which was announced, the trailer has not yet been released. The director of the project was Renat Davletyarov, who decided to show the feat of the main character Nikolai Komlev, who became a collective image of Soviet pilots, including the legendary Alexei Maresyev. The premiere is expected in 2020.



Genre: military drama

Producer: Renat Davletyarov

Release date: April 2020

Cast: Petr Fedorov, Anna Peskova, Nikolozi Paikridze, Pavel Osadchiy, Maxim Emelyanov, Alexey Barabash, Anatoly Grishko, Elena Drobysheva, Evgeni Mikheev, Alexander Demidov, Gela Meskhi and others

A wounded pilot, whose plane was shot down in battle, will have to overcome many obstacles in order to survive and get to his.


In December 1941, the Soviet pilot Nikolai Komlev was entrusted with a very difficult task: he needed to complete a combat mission, which would stop the enemy tank column, which was about to reach the capital. As a result of the operation, Komlev is shot down by a German fighter, but the pilot manages to land the plane in the wilderness. You should not hope for a miraculous salvation - Nikolai is alone in the middle of the winter forest, and now he needs to get to his own, overcoming the cold, hunger, invasion of wild animals and German troops ...

Director and shooting

The filming process began in February 2019 in the Novgorod region, including in the Demyansky district (the plane of a real pilot Maresyev was shot down here). The director of the film project was Renat Davletyarov, known to viewers for such works: “My Crazy Family”, “Steel Butterfly”, “Once”, “But Dawns Here Are Quiet ...”, “Donbass: Outskirts”.

Renat Davletyarov

The author of the script was R. Davletyarov himself, as well as Alexey Timoshkin (The Second, Fights: Scout's Happiness, Three Days of Lieutenant Kravtsov, Donbass: Outskirts). The producer was Anna Peskova ("Sonya: Continuation of the legend", "Pregnancy test", "Five minutes of silence", "We will not say goodbye"). The camera crew was performed by Semyon Yakovlev (Steel Butterfly, Exercise in the Beautiful, Truth Play, Mounted Police), and Actor Kuzmin (Steel Butterfly, Home Arrest, A Dawns) became production designer. here are quiet ... ").

"We are making a film about the Great Patriotic War, and more precisely, about 1941. We will tell the story of Alexei Maresyev, but this is a collective image, since in the USSR such pilots who were killed, were injured, but returned to the helm, there were as many as 8" - says the director.

Photos from the filming are already on the network, the premiere of the film will take place in April 2020.


The film starred:

  • Pyotr Fedorov in the role of pilot Alexei Maresyev (Locust, You Enrage Me All, Territory, Moms, Christmas Trees 2, Gurzuf, Duelist);
  • Anna Peskova ("Pregnancy Test", "Moms", "Donbass: Outskirts");
  • Maxim Emelyanov (Restorer, Elusive, Copper Sun, The Last Frontier);
  • Alexey Barabash (“The Killer's Diary”, “Palm Sunday”, “These Eyes Are Opposite”, “Teach Me to Live,” “Rostov”);
  • Anatoly Grishko ("Department", "Evil Spirit of Yambuya", "I Go Out to Look for You 2", "Breakfast with a View of Elbrus");
  • Elena Drobysheva ("You Enrage Me All", "Another Life", "Dove", "Who, If Not Us", "T-34");
  • Evgeni Mikheev ("Fitness", "Moscow Greyhound", "Sklifosovsky", "Save the Boss");
  • Alexander Demidov (Radio Day, What Men Talk About, Election Day, Speakerphone);
  • Gela Meskhi ("Son of the Father of Nations", "Black Cat", "Shot", "Embassy", "Save Leningrad").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that

  • Soviet writer Boris Polevoy described the feat of Alexei Maresyev in his book "The Tale of a Real Man" (1946);
  • The exact crash site was discovered only in 2017 by the Nakhodka search squad. The director says that when the film crew was looking for a place for production, the village of Rabezh was chosen. It turned out that it was exactly two kilometers from it that Maresyev’s plane crashed;
  • This film is already the 4th among the joint projects of Renat Davletyarov and Peter Fedorov;
  • “Basically, the heroes were people who were able to survive in a particular situation. And in this film it’s such heroism - the triumph of the human spirit in front of the banner of nature and life,” says Pyotr Fedorov about the film.

Interested viewers will have to wait for the announcement of the official release date and release of the trailer for the film "Pilot" (2019-2020) with Peter Fedorov, the actors and plot of which have already been announced. The film tells about the manifestation of great heroism, which several pilots showed at once during the Great Patriotic War.