Storm - a new series from the director of "Arrhythmia"

Can a police officer commit an official crime for the sake of saving her beloved, and at the same time not get caught by her investigating friend? We will find out about this in the 1st season of the series "Storm" (2019), release date, actors, trailer, the plot of which was announced, the premiere will take place on the START video service.

Project expectations rating - 97% (KinoPoisk).


Genre: drama, detective

Producer: Boris Khlebnikov

Release Date in Russia: 2019 year (8 episodes in total)

Cast: Alexander Robak, Maxim Lagashkin, Anna Mikhalkova, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Gennady Smirnov, Mikhail Brashinsky, Ilya Borisov, Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexander Mosin, Daria Zhovner and others.

The complicated story of two fellow police officers. One committed a crime, and the second had to decide whether to fulfill his duty and imprison his friend, or to release him ...


Mikhail Osokin and Sergey Gradov work as police officers, but in different areas - the first is investigating the killings, and the second catches corrupt officials and puts them in jail. Due to the special focus of his field of activity, Gradov knows how to conceal earnings and steal money without getting caught. Soon, these skills were useful to him ... Sergey had a difficult situation - his wife is on the verge of life and death, and there is not enough money for an operation that would save her life. Therefore, he decides on a malfeasance, and then skillfully sweeps traces. Mikhail Osokin understands that his friend is involved in some kind of crime, so he begins to conduct his investigation.

Director and crew

The director's place of the project was taken by the filmmaker Boris Khlebnikov, known for such popular works: Koktebel, Short Circuit, Churchill, Concerned, Arrhythmia, Ordinary Woman.

Boris Khlebnikov, filming process

The authors of the script were Natalia Meshchaninova ("Another Year", "Combine Nadezhda", "Red Bracelets", "Arrhythmia", "Anna's War", "Heart of the World") and Ilya Tilkin ("Friend or Foe", "Narrowed-Dressed "," The Man at the Window "," The Godfather "," The Copper Sun "," Godunov: Continuation ").


  • Ruben Dishdishyan ("The Master and Margarita", "Apotsol", "Hero of Our Time", "Lancet");
  • Eduard Iloyan ("Former", "How I Became Russian", "Mom", "Ivanov-Ivanov");
  • Irina Sosnovaya (“Brest: Serf Heroes”, “June 22: Fatal Decisions”, “Keepers”).

The camera work was carried out by Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev ("Bread Day", "Route", "In the Dark", "Live", "Anna's War").

Location locations: Kronstadt, Leningrad region, as well as St. Petersburg.

Actors and roles

The following actors starred in the first season:

  • Alexander Robak in the role of Sergey Gradov (“Poor Sasha”, “Brother 2”, “Deadly Force”, “Shuler”, “Steppe Children”, “Wedding”, “Geographer drank the globe”, “House Arrest”);
  • Maxim Lagashkin in the role of Yuri Osokin (Honeymoon, I'm Not Me, Saboteur 2: End of War, Arrhythmia, Mistresses, Rostov);
  • Anna Mikhalkova ("The Examiner", "Deadly Force", "Depicting the victim", "Godunov", "Ordinary woman", "Godunov: Continuation");
  • Anna Kotova-Deryabin ("And yet I love ...", "Long happy life", "Policeman from Rublevka", "Arrhythmia", "Light from the Other World");
  • Gennady Smirnov ("Cop Wars", "This is my dog", "Pregnancy Test", "Time of the First", "Miller");
  • Mikhail Brashinsky ("2 days", "Hard Case", "Concerned");
  • Ilya Borisov ("Bounty Hunters", "Alien Nest", "Major 2", "Going through the Flour", "Five Minutes of Silence: Returning");
  • Dmitry Lysenkov ("Deadly Power", "Princess and the Pauper", "Lost the Sun", "Stalingrad", "Excellent Student", "House Arrest");
  • Alexander Mosin (“It Doesn’t Hurt Me”, “Cargo 200”, “Morphine”, “Stoker”, “Country of OZ”, “Oil Painting”);
  • Daria Zhovner ("Above the Sky", "Depression", "Fragile Creatures").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Alexander Robak and Maxim Lagashkin communicate well outside the set. It was this fact that served as the motivation for choosing such an cast;
  • The exclusive release will take place only on the START service, whose film crew produced the show together with the Mars Media film studio;
  • Actor A. Robak describes his character in this way: “My hero is very ambiguous, the beast is in the service, he is very gentle at home. Gradov decides to take desperate measures in order to save his wife ...”

Interested viewers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the exact release date of the 1st season of the series "Storm" (2019), the actors, the plot, the trailer of which was announced; The premiere of the project will take place only on the video service. The creators do not report whether the show will be shown on television.

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