Starring - Jason Statham

An actor is not so much a profession as a vocation and a call of the heart. Before finding himself in acting, the Briton Jason Statham tried many different crafts: he was professionally involved in sports, then he worked in the modeling business, and only then, by chance meeting with Guy Ritchie, was in the film industry. Below is a list of films starring Jason Statham (Statham), thanks to which action buffs can choose something interesting for the evening.

Cards, money, two trunks (1996)

Genre: action, comedy, crime thriller

Role: adventurer nicknamed “Bacon”

Rating - 8.5

The original title of the film involves an English winged expression, the meaning of which can be translated as “all at once”. Perhaps it really suits the picture: in it they are trying to steal a weapon, rob the drug dealer and lose a fortune to the mafia boss. The film is much like Quentin Tarantino's style.

“Cards, money, two trunks” - the acting debut of Jason Statham (Statham). The audition consisted of a scene during which the actor needed to sell fake jewelry to the director.

Big Jackpot (2000)

Genre: thriller, crime comedy

Role: Turk

Rating - 8.5

The film “Big Jackpot” with the participation of Jason Statham (Stetham), even if it did not receive an Oscar, was warmly noted by film critics and at one time received a number of awards. The film is a crime comedy in the best traditions of the director Guy Ritchie, in which intrigues intertwine, unsuccessful robberies take place, lost jewels, crime bosses and illegal boxing fights are involved.

It is interesting to know that most of the absurdities occurring in the film, Guy Ritchie did not come up with. He took the plots from television programs about the most unfortunate crimes.

The Ghosts of Mars (2001)

Genre: action, fantasy, horror

Role: sergeant Jericho Butler

Rating - 5.3

A distant future in which mankind has already conquered space. A police outfit is sent to Mars to deliver Williams's killer to the city. However, humanity was not able to tame the red planet. Who can know what dangers they will face on the road? And who will be more dangerous for them - a thief and a murderer, but in human guise, or the horrors that are hidden in the bowels of Mars?

It is interesting to know that State (Statham) initially tried for the role of Williams criminal, whose image is not particularly different from those that he had to play before. However, in the end, he got the role of Sergeant Butler.

Confrontation (2001)

Genre: action, fantastic thriller

Role: Evan Funch

Rating - 6.9

Continues the list of films with State (Statham) in the title role of the film directed by James Wong “Confrontation”. This time we will talk about parallel universes. One of the main characters played by Jet Li travels through alternative universes and kills different versions of himself. Such craziness can be justified only by one goal - the desire to acquire as much power as possible, which from this is stored in him, and become a real god. But the Multiverse Agency cannot allow this, and begins the hunt for Yulow.

As a PR move, a site was even launched that talked in detail about a fictional agency and talked about details and characters that were not shown in the film. At the moment, the site is no longer working.

Carrier (2002)

Genre: thriller, crime thriller

Role: Frank Martin

Rating - 7.5

Perhaps the series of these films has become the hallmark of the actor. The main character works as a carrier and adheres to several basic rules in life, thanks to which he is in demand and performs his work quickly and efficiently: do not ask for names, do not look inside and do not change the conditions on which you work. For the time being, they managed to abide by these rules, until one day Frank noticed that his load was moving suspiciously. The problems began when he broke one of his rules and found a girl inside ...

It is interesting to know that in the film, according to the law of the genre, there are quite a few tricks and battle scenes. Most of them are removed not by the stuntman, but by State (Stetham) himself.

Italian robbery (2003)

Genre: thriller, crime thriller

Role: Walker Rob

Rating - 7.6

In every business, professionalism and experience are important, especially in those where something can go wrong. John Bridger ideally thinks over his every robbery, and after so many years decides that it is time to put an end to it. He planned to perform his swan song in Venice with a trusted team. Each of them is an expert in his field and a professional. Ideally, there are no loopholes. But what if a sudden betrayal erases everything?

The film is not the original idea of ​​F. Gary Gray, but a remake of the picture of the same name, released in the late sixties.

Chaos (2005)

Genre: action, drama, crime thriller

Role: Detective Quentin Conners

Rating - 7.2

Jason State (Statham) is famous for action movies, films with his participation have a certain reputation. For example, the film “Chaos” is about the life of Detective Conners. Due to a mistake in the previous case, he is suspended from the investigation. But when the local bank captures a gang of robbers, they demand Connors. Upon his arrival, the gang manages to escape, and a billion dollars - disappear from the accounts of bank customers. The slogan of the film - “Who's the rat here” describes the general atmosphere of the movie well.

“Chaos” was lifted in a record a little more than 20 days - two times less than it was originally supposed to.

Adrenaline (2006)

Genre: thriller, crime thriller

Role: Chev Chelios

Rating 7.3

Sometimes it seems that a moment of rest can kill a modern person. Well, for the main character of the film “Adrenaline” this is not an ironic metaphor, but a harsh reality! He was poisoned with rare poison, and the only thing Chev Chelios can survive is to make his heart beat faster than usual and not let himself relax until he finds an antidote and until his enemies are killed.

If in “Carrier” State (Stetham) himself did most of the tricks, and left especially dangerous stunts to a specially trained stuntman, then in “Adrenaline” the actor performed everything himself.

Death Race (2008)

Genre: action, fantastic thriller

Role: Jensen ames

Rating - 7.1

The next film on our list with Jason State (Statham) in the title role begins with the fact that his character, the famous racer, was set up. An unknown killer killed his wife, but due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Jensen was sent to prison. He has an alternative: to participate in the annual racing competition, come first and go free. In this race, unfortunately, not everything is so simple: the machines are equipped with machine guns, machine guns and grenade launchers in order to destroy everything that comes in their way. Jensen has no choice but to agree, and with their navigator they begin the race - perhaps the last of their lives.

It is interesting to know that State (Stetham) was very interested in prison life. He wanted to show her as believable as possible, so before filming, he even visited one of the prisons in America to reliably convey the character.

Spy (2015)

Genre: thriller, crime comedy

Role: Rick Ford

Rating - 7.1

The comedy by Paul Fig will tell about Susan Cooper - a woman who exchanged her life for the sake of working for the CIA, but who was never given the chance to attend this assignment. Susan was used to giving in, helping others, and she herself remained an inconspicuous gray mouse in the office. However, there comes a time when the leadership has no choice but to send the heroine on a mission - will she succeed?

The shooting took place in Hungary, in the vicinity of Budapest.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs and the Show (2019)

Genre: thriller.

Role: Deckard Shaw

Expectation Rating - 93%

Details about the movie: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

The upcoming film tells how two completely different people have to work together. The show is a lover of foppiness and high cost; Hobbs, on the contrary, prefers inexpensive, but simple and convenient things for life and entertainment. But when their families are in danger, they forget the differences among themselves.

It is interesting to know that the shooting took place in Hawaii.

For some, the filmography of the actor may seem monotonous and boring. On the other hand, he became a master in his genre and many paintings were appreciated at international competitions and prizes. Fans of the action movie genre are likely to find in this list of films starring Jason Statham (Jason Statham) something that can diversify their evening.

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