Love, Death, and Robots - Season 2

The next masterpiece from the Netflix service so captured the audience’s attention with its unusual format and plot that it already got a sequel - the release date, trailer, plot of the 2nd season of the series “Love, Death and Robots” is still unknown - the Netflix sequel description is kept secret.

The first season, released in 2019, was a huge success, and its ratings speak about this - at KinoPoisk, the series is rated at 8.2.

Love, death & robots


Genre: cartoon, horror, fantasy, comedy, fiction, crime, action

Producer: Jennifer Yu, Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres, Gabriele Pennachiola and others.

Season 2 release date: not yet known

Voice actors: Scott White, Nolan North, Matthew King, Michael Benyayer, Josh Brener, Ellie Condron, Henry Dowthwaite, Graham Hamilton, Aaron Himelstein, Stefan Kapichich and others.

Each series of this animated show is made in different styles and by different authors, but all together this makes the project unique in every way.


What new series will tell us about is still unknown. Recall the plot of series 18 of the first season:

  • Sonnie's Edge - Sonny's girl fights in underground rings where fights between monsters are held. No one can beat her, but what is her secret?
  • Three Robots - the world has long been living without people, and three robots decide to visit a post-apocalyptic city.
  • The Witness - in an Asian town, a girl witnesses a murder, and now she needs to hide from a maniac.
  • Suits - farmers are fighting aliens with the help of special suits created by them.
  • Sucker of souls - archaeologists unearth a bloodthirsty vampire with whom they had to fight.
  • When The Yogurt Took Over - Scientists create lively intelligent yogurt that intends to take over the world.
  • Aquila rift - the spacecraft team wakes up after a long sleep and does not understand where it ended up.
  • Good hunting - A boy from the family of demon hunters falls in love with a fox girl.
  • The dump - Dave lives in a garbage dump, but they are going to take it away from a man, so he decides to protect his house.
  • Shape shifters - In Afghanistan, there are two werewolf marines who have to fight the same as they are.
  • Helping hand - a female astronaut is stuck in orbit, and now she needs to choose: become disabled or die from a lack of air.
  • Fish Night - in the middle of the desert are two merchants who decide to go on a trip.
  • Lucky 13 - beginners are forced to board the ship, which survived the death of the crew’s spirit.
  • Zima blue - A famous artist will tell about his creative path.
  • Blind spot - Cyborg thieves decide to rob a well-armed convoy.
  • Ice age - What will you do if you find a civilization in your refrigerator?
  • Alternate Histories - The application shows the funny death of Adolf Hitler.
  • Secret War - soldiers of the Red Army are faced with evil that will attack them in Siberia.

Director and shooting

Jennifer Yuh Nelson, known for her work: Spawn, Kung Fu Panda 2, Dark Reflections, joined the directorial staff of the project - it is she who will control the creation of new episodes.

Jennifer yuh nelson

The project became a joint brainchild of David Fincher (“Fighting Cube”, “Seven”, “Mind Hunter”) and Tim Miller (“143”, “Stone Fish”, “Gopher broke off”). All series are united by only one genre - science fiction, as well as a short duration (from 5 to 15 minutes).

David Fincher, Tim Miller


In the first season of characters voiced by the following actors:

  • Scott White ("The Lost Link", "Fashion Magazine", "Doctor Plyusheva");
  • Nolan North (Star Trek: Retribution, Deja Vu, Batman: A Murderous Joke);
  • Matthew King (Bones, Yesterday, Fraser);
  • Michael Benyaer (Mentalist, Escape, Deadpool);
  • Josh Brener (“It Happens and Worse,” “What Men Want”);
  • Ellie Condron ("Six Wives with Lucy Worsley");
  • Henry Doutwait (Echoes of War, Last Horror Movie);
  • Graham Hamilton (Detective Rush, Big Front);
  • Aaron Himelstein (Doctor House, Avengers: Age of Ultron);
  • Stefan Kapichich ("4isla", "Tears for Sale", "Event").

It is not known whether these actors will return in the second season.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The only independent artists of the project were Vitaly Shushko and Elena Volk (they were also the first to be taken on the team), who developed the Blind Spot series. The remaining episodes involved whole studios;
  • Netflix showed episodes of the series in a different order;
  • The logo in the first frames of each season is converted to badges that tell about future events.

Fans are waiting for more information on the release date, trailer, voice actors of the 2nd season of the series from Netflix "Love, Death and Robots", a description of the plot of the episodes of the first season of which was given above. Fans should expect something as original in terms of the characters and worlds where they live.

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