10 new films about musicians

Recently, a lot of new films about musicians based on real events have been released. there were many new films about musicians based on real events. Such paintings help to see ordinary people in the stars, to understand what ups and downs were on the path of cult personalities before they reached Olympus. The success story of a musician is not a Cinderella fairy tale, it is usually a harsh path through thorns to the stars.

Summer (2018)

Genre: biography, melodrama, music

Rating: 7.4

In order to enter the role, actor Theo Yu studied Russian, lived in a real communal apartment and ate food that corresponded to the 80s.

In our country and far beyond its borders, there is no need to explain who Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group are. The picture tells about the years of the formation of the rock group, about the relationship of Tsoi with iconic representatives of the rock party of those years, especially with Mike Naumenko and his wife Natasha. The film is literally saturated with the atmosphere of the Leningrad avant-garde of the early 80s, love, searches and high hopes.

Leaving Neverland 2019


Genre: documentary, biography

Rating: 6.2

Many film critics call this film the brightest, but the most disgusting film of the year. After his release, some radio stations removed the songs of the pop king from the air, and in Manchester they demolished the statue of the singer.

Michael Jackson loved children, he built for them the world famous Neverland with a zoo and a cinema, constantly gave charity concerts. Since 2005, Jackson has been accused of child molestation, the pop king was acquitted, but fell into a depression, without leaving the singer, died. The 4-hour HBO film is the revelation of two men who were friends with Jackson as a child, who accuse him of pedophilia. The world is divided in two - those who believe Wade Robson and James Seyfchak, and those who believe that they decided to earn extra money on behalf of the pop star.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Genre: biography, melodrama, music

Rating: 8.0

Bohemian Rhapsody is the only film about musical groups nominated for an Oscar in five categories. The film eventually received four treasured figurines.

This is the story of how Farrukh Bulsara became Freddie Mercury, and the little-known Smile band became the super-popular Queen rock band, which gathered the world's largest stadiums. "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a film that will allow viewers and fans of the group to follow the whole path of the collective, which left an indelible mark on the history of rock music.

Madonna: the birth of a legend (Madonna and the Breakfast Club) 2018

Genre: documentary biography

Rating: 6.0

The young Madonna in the film was played by Jamie Old, for whom this role was the debut. The film crew was struck by both the external similarity of the young talent with the pop diva and the girl’s stunning charisma.

Details about the movie: Madonna: the birth of a legend.

The picture tells about the young Louise Ciccone, a girl who survived the poor years, but who had an inner core. It was her character and tremendous inner strength that enabled her to become a world star. The early years of the pop diva career were linked to the Breakfast Club. In The Birth of a Legend, the director combined a feature film with an interview with the ensemble members and their memories of the young Madonna.

Rocketman 2019

Genre: biography, musical, melodrama, music

Rating: 7.5

In the domestic box office, the picture came out without scenes of drug use and personnel demonstrating same-sex relationships. Elton John was outraged by the actions of Russian film distributors and told the media that this violates the truth of the whole story, which the creators of the project tried to show.

Biographical film "Rocketman" (Rocketman).

Many do not know, but once the cult artist Elton John, famous not only for his music, but also for his extraordinary outfits and orientation, was a shy boy from a small British town. Viewers will learn the story of the transformation of the talented pianist Reginald Dwight into an outstanding musician who is known throughout the world, the Knight of the Order of the British Empire and just a brave man who is not afraid to talk about his weaknesses and his life. The film tells about the whole life of a musician from the first years of his work to the present.

In St. Petersburg - to sing. Sergey Shnurov (2017)

Genre: documentary

Rating: 5.4

The film was prepared for the 20th anniversary of the rock band "Leningrad" director, philosopher and culturologist, professor at the University of Florida Dragan Kuyundzhich.

Among the domestic biographical films of the musical genre, it is worth highlighting the documentary project "In St. Petersburg - to sing" about the Leningrad group and its leader Sergey Shnurov. Leningrad has come a long way - from the team, which was famous for its obscene songs and prohibitions of appearances in decent clubs, to the unprecedentedly popular rock group, whose videos were viewed on Internet resources over 200 million times in 2016. The whole history of the group, which collects stadiums, in one film by an American director.

BEEF: Russian Hip Hop (2019)

Genre: biography, documentary, music

Rating: 5.4

Filming the first film about Russian hip-hop as a musical phenomenon lasted several years. The film became the debut directorial work of fashion rapper Roman Zhigan.

Details about the movie: BEEF: Russian Hip Hop.

A semi-documentary film will tell viewers about the transformation of the domestic hip-hop movement from basement music to one of the most popular musical trends of our time. The painting contains interviews and concert recordings of the most prominent representatives of the hip-hop movement in Russia from Guf and Cyril Tolmatsky, better known as Decl, to Timati and Assai.

A Star Is Born (2018)

Genre: music, melodrama

Rating: 7.3

Lady Gaga agreed to take part in the filming with one condition - there should be no phonograms. Therefore, the entire musical component of the project was recorded directly on the set live.

In the center of the plot is country singer Jackson Maine. His career is declining at a time when he meets a talented but completely unknown singer named Ellie. Between Jackson and Ellie passion flashes. A man does everything so that his beloved becomes popular, but the more famous his beloved becomes, the more difficult it is for him to accept that his musical fame is a thing of the past.

Yesterday 2019

Genre: biography

The director of the musical utopian comedy was Danny Boyle, who shot the cult film "On the Needle"

Details about the movie:Yesterday (2019).

Is there life without the Beatles? Subtly and with humor, the creators of the film "Yesterday" answer this question. The life of a simple guy Jack can be safely called unlucky: he is a street musician interrupted by casual earnings. Everything changes in one night, when the light disappears throughout the city, and Jack himself is under the wheels of the bus. And, it would seem, he woke up in the ordinary world, if not for one “but”: no one remembers the Beatles in it ... The main character has a chance not only to introduce the whole world to great songs, but also to become the most popular musician on the planet.

Amy 2015

Genre: biography, documentary, music

Rating: 7.5

Initially, Amy Winehouse's relatives reacted positively to the shooting of the picture and readily provided archival materials related to their daughter. But then the father of the star began to notice, Mitch Winehouse decided that it was more important for developers to catch negative moments in the image of Amy, and announced that the film should be watched only as a selection of rare shots with his daughter, and not be attributed to new films about musicians based on real events.

The film is a selection of rare shots and recordings with a magnificent woman, who prophesied the glory of the second Billy Holiday. Amy Winehouse with her piercing voice and autobiographical texts could not leave anyone indifferent. The picture consists of personal video archives of the star, interviews with her relatives and even performances of the very first songs in the circle of relatives of soul diva. Due to drug addiction, Amy entered the so-called "Club 27" and the authors of the picture several years after her death bit by bit collected material about a young talent with a unique voice and amazing charisma.

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