The series Vampire Wars - new from Netflix

The release date of the series and trailer in Russian for the first season of the series “Vampire Wars” (2019) is still unknown, but the cast has already been approved. The new Canadian series will consist of 10 episodes, and will clearly delight fans of vampire films with an exciting plot. The main role in the project will be played by the favorite of many viewers - the brutal Ian Somerhalder, and the plot was based on IWD comics.

Rating of expectations - 97% (KinoPoisk website).



Genre: fantasy

Producer: Brad Turner, T.J. Scott, Ian Somerhalder

World movie premiere: 2019

Premiere in Russia: 2019

Actors: Ian Somerhalder, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Adrian Holmes, Jackie Lai, Peter Outerbridge, Kimberly Sue Murray, Sidney Meyer, Laura Vandervoort, Teddy Moynihan, Greg Bryk

The main role in the new series went to Ian Somerhalder, who played one of the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries.


The protagonist of the series will be Dr. Luther Swann, who will have to realize the fact that his best friend, Michael Fine, was infected with a mysterious virus. Gradually, the man turns into a bloodthirsty monster. A terrible disease mutates, which leads to the emergence of vampires on Earth. A transforming society breaks up into camps over time. The vampire leader is Fine. Who will win the battle between former best friends?

Director and shooting

The directors of the Canadian series were Brad Turner (24 Hours, Escape, Beyond the Possible), T.J. Scott (Gotham, Black Sails, Black Matter) and Ian Somerhalder (Sweet Couple "," Young Americans "," Marco Polo ").

Brad Turner, T.J. Scott, Ian Somerhalder

The screenwriters of the project were Philip Bedard (Strictly South, Reading Mind, Murdoch's Investigations), Glenn Davis (Reading Mind), and Larry Lalond (Clairvoyance Mission, Martian Watch, " Lord of the beasts "). Responsible for the installation of the picture are David B. Thompson (“Little Tramp”, “Hot Spot”, “24 hours”), Paul J. Day (“Space”, “First Wave”, “Cops Rookies”), Paul Whitehead ( Hot Spot, Subjects, X Mutants).

The producers of the science fiction series are Ted Adams (Winona Earl, The Remains, Dark Times), David Joseph Anselmo (Slasher, Dinosaur Invasion, Wind Warrior) and Philip Bedard (Strictly South), "Reading Thoughts", "Murdoch's Investigations").


The cast of the first season, consisting of ten episodes, is as follows:

  • Dr. Luther Swann - Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries, Young Americans, Marco Polo);
  • Ten - Kyle Harrison Breitkopf ("Whisper", "Miracle", "Silence");
  • Michael Fine - Adrian Holmes (Crossroads of Death, Victim, Tactical Strength);
  • Kaley Waugh - Jackie Lai (Once Upon a Time, Twilight Hunters, Flash);
  • Kalix Niklos - Peter Outerbridge (Nikita, The Millennium, Kidnappers of the Past);
  • Danica - Kimberly-Sue Murray ("Kingdom", "Be a Human", "Beauty and the Beast");
  • Ava O-Melli - Sidney Meyer ("Space", "Level 16", "In the hope of salvation");
  • Mila - Laura Vandervoort ("Star-Tiny", "Bitten", "Damage");
  • Jergen Weber - Teddy Moynihan, the role in the series for which will be a debut in the world of cinema;
  • Bobby - Greg Bryk ("Thirteenth", "Border", "Shoot 'Em Up").

Interesting Facts

Perhaps film viewers will be interested in that:

  • Adrian Holmes, Ian Somerhalder and Laura Vanderworth have already taken part in a joint project - in Smallville;
  • Ian Somerhalder has already taken part in "vampire" series - for many viewers he was remembered for his role in "The Vampire Diaries";
  • Some scenes were filmed at the National Hotel on Notredam Avenue;
  • The series was based on IDW comics;
  • The film will be released on the Netflix streaming channel.

The release date of the series "Vampire Wars" (2019) is still unknown, but the actors are approved, the trailer in Russian is already looking forward to fans of science fiction series. Spectators will face the confrontation of vampires and people, former friends and associates, as well as exciting adventures.

Watch the video: V War. Official Trailer HD. Vampire Lover (February 2020).