Carnival Row - a new detective series about the mythical city

The magical city, where the heroes of ancient myths live side by side with people, will tell their secrets to the audience in the mystical detective series “Carnival Row”, the release date is scheduled for 2019, a teaser trailer is presented below, and among the actors there are stars such as Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom. Showrunners tried to make a fantasy series with their universe and magical atmosphere, which will take the viewer into the future and make them believe in the existence of mythical creatures and killer monsters.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) -98%.

Carnival row


Genre: fiction, thriller, horror, detective, fantasy

Producer:J. Emiel, A. Ferster, E. Goddard

World Release Date: August 30, 2019

Premiere in Russia:August 30, 2019

Actors:O. Bloom, C. Delevingne, W. Ali, L. Best, M. Dermody, A. Froushan, J. Harris, S. Reid, A. Rast, T. Wilkinson

The fictional Victorian city is populated not only by people, but also by mysterious creatures ...


In the city of Bürge, real fairy-tale creatures from fantastic books live in the world of people: gnomes, elves, vampires, leprechauns and other magical creatures. A war is going on in their world, so the heroes of myths are forced to move to the human world. But soon a mysterious murder of a local fairy dancer takes place, and it becomes clear that a real hunt is open for mythical creatures - a maniac is operating in Burg. The murder series is being investigated by city detective Raycroft Philostratus, who immediately goes to the suspect - a vampire, a friend of the murdered fairy. But soon the case takes an unexpected turn ...

Director and shooting

The director's chair was shared by John Emiel (“Seven Seconds,” “Outcasts”), Anna Ferster (“Jessica Jones,” “Alien Woman”) and Andy Goddard (“Modified Carbon,” “The Punisher”).

Real professionals worked on the creation of the series, work on the concept of the film project began in 2006.

Jon Amiel, Anna Foerster, Andy Goddard

Scriptwriters - Travis Beecham (Pacific Rim 2, Hieroglyph), Peter Cameron (Baby, Baby, Baby) and Rene Echevarria (Terra Nova, Medics). Among the producers it is worth noting Gideon Amir (“The Fall of the Order”, “The Accused”), Alex Shevchenko (“Daredevil”, “Army Wives”) and David Minkowski (“The Witcher”, “Spider-Man: Far from Home”).


  • Tony Miller (Cleanliness, Rubbish);
  • Chris Seeger (Galavant, The Big Game);
  • Theo van de Sande (The Illusionist, Capitalized).

The composer was Nathan Barr (The Price of Passion). Responsible for the installation: Michael Russo ("Trick-22", "The Vampire Diaries"), Paul Trejo ("Outcast", "Black Sails") and Patrick MacMahon ("Resident", "The Amityville Horror: Awakening").

The scenery artists were responsible for the atmosphere of magic, who created the magical details: Frank Walsh (“The Mummy”, “Agora”), Jiri Matura (“Consequences”) and Francois Ségen (“Borgia”).

Amazon Studios, Legendary Television and Stillking Films are responsible for the production of the project.

Filming ended at the end of January 2019, a total of 8 episodes were announced. The release date for series 1 of the Carnival Row series will be announced in the fall of 2019 and will premiere on Amazon Video.

Photos from the shoot


The main roles were played by:

  • Orlando Bloom (The Apostate, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) as Raycroft Philostratus;
  • Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad, Her Smell) - Vignette Stonemoss;
  • Vaj Ali ("Strike", "Butcher") - Constable Berwick;
  • Lianne Best ("Baby Joe", "Hidden") - Madame Moira;
  • Maeve Dermody (“2:22”, “And There Was No One”) - Portia Fyfe;
  • Artie Frushan (The Fall of the Order) - John Breakspire;
  • Jamie Harris (Enter History, Double Two) - Sergeant Dombay;
  • Scott Reed (“On duty”) - Pen;
  • Anna Rast (The Brothers Grimm, Legends) - Fleury;
  • Tracy Wilkinson (“Almost Married,” “Alien Woman”) - Afissa.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The locations for filming were in Prague (Czech Republic): the Prahova Rocks, the city of Liberec, the castles Friedlant and Krnsko. Filming lasted 108 days;
  • In the early stages of production preparation, Guillermo del Toro, Neil Jordan and Tarsem Singh were involved in directing, but in the end it was decided to turn it into a television project;
  • The script was written back in 2005 and fell into the famous Black List of Hollywood scripts;
  • The series was among the most expensive international filming. in the Czech Republic since the introduction of film stimulation in 2010 (domestic costs are estimated at more than 59 million euros).

The release date of the series “Carnival Row” is set for 2019, a trailer with popular actors in the image of mythical creatures and the townspeople of the mysterious Bürge has already been released, the premiere will be held on Amazon Video.

Watch the video: Carnival Row Season 1 - Official Trailer. Prime Video (February 2020).