7 films about the gods of Olympus

The theme of the Olympic gods has always been and remains interesting and mysterious. Below is a list of science fiction films about the gods and demigods of Olympus. Cinema fans will watch the actions of the mighty Zeus, the vengeful Hades and cunning titans, who are about to seize power around the world.

Hercules: The Legend of Hercules 2014

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Rating: 4.2

The director demanded that all the actors shave their legs and even the torso, as the picture was shot in 3D.

1200 BC, Ancient Greece. Queen Alcmene, subdued by the charm of Zeus, gave birth to his son Heracles, who was promised fate to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the king and restore peace forever. However, a young man grows up without the participation of powerful parents, and he knows nothing about his real identity, nor about his fate, nor about an important mission. Hercules wants only one thing: the love of Hebe, Princess of Crete, which was promised to his own brother. When Hercules finds out about his great goal, he must choose: to escape with his beloved or finally fulfill his destiny, becoming a hero for all people.

War of the Gods: Immortals 2011

Genre: Fantasy, action, drama

Rating: 5.8

Despite the efforts of director Tarsem Singh, film critics rated the work not too high.

The list of good films worth watching for fans of the genre includes the painting "War of the Gods: Immortals." A simple peasant Theseus lives in a small village with his beloved mother. The young man has incredible courage, courage and tremendous strength, in addition, he has excellent command of weapons. The Thunderer Zeus himself teaches him this interesting art. The young man will enter into a dangerous battle with Hyperion, who dreams of freeing the titans from prison and returning their authority over the world of people. He dreams of taking revenge on the gods for the fact that they could not save his family. Theseus lies in the hands of the future of the whole country. Will the protagonist be able to confront the distraught lord?

Wrath of the Titans 2012

Genre: Fantasy action film

Rating: 6.0

It was planned that the role of Ares will go to actor Javier Bardem.

"Wrath of the Titans" is a fascinating film about the Olympic gods, which tells about the confrontation between the titans and the thunderer Zeus. Perseus lives in a small fishing village and leads the simplest life. Meanwhile, in the world of gods and titans, a real struggle for leadership is taking place. Titans are getting stronger every day. To regain power and throw Zeus off the throne, they need to free their leader Kronos, who has been in a dark prison for more than a thousand years. At this time, Perseus and his wife embark on a dangerous journey to prevent the Titans from regaining their former power.

Clash of the Titans 2010

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Rating: 6.1

The director wanted Ray Harrihausen, who was considered a master of special effects in his time, to take part in the project. But he still failed to convince him.

Clash of the Titans is one of the most exciting films on the list of gods, demigods of Olympus and the titans of the fantasy genre. The son of Zeus Perseus grew up on earth and was brought up as a person. The lord of the underworld Hades makes insidious plans and dreams of overthrowing Zeus from the throne. Perseus collects a small detachment and goes to the very heart of the underworld, but on the way the heroes will have to face dangerous trials. Hades sent greedy creatures to the travelers, among whom is the Medusa of the Gorgon, whose gaze turns anyone into a stone. Having reached the border of the world, Perseus will have to accept divine power in order to emerge victorious in the battle with terrible demons, evil monsters and not allow Hades to become a usurper.

Hercules (Hercules) 2014

Genre: Action, Adventure

Rating: 6.0

Dwayne Johnson took shape for eight months.

The powerful son of Zeus Hercules has been wandering the earth for several thousand years. The demigod does not see anything good in life. The only joy to the hero is the brutal killings. Hercules gathers around him six of the same desperate and unbroken warriors, for whom the only meaning of life is the presence of constant danger. One day, King Kotis hires fearless warriors to make of his inexperienced soldiers the most powerful army in the whole world. Hercules doubts the true intentions of Cotis, when during the first battle the soldiers brutally killed innocent people, among whom were women and children. The protagonist decides to stop the mad king from going to Greece.

Hercules in the Underworld 1994

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Rating: 6.9

Toney Kitayen constantly forgot her cues. After filming, the actress was presented with a T-shirt on which it was written: "What am I saying in this scene"?

"Advise which movie you can watch in one go"? - A fan of science fiction films asks curiously. Attention should be paid to the film "Hercules in the Underworld." Once, a huge gap appears on the surface of the Earth. Soon it turned into a huge tunnel leading to the very heat - the underworld of King Hades. Residents of a small village fell into the heart of a fire pit. Only the brave and courageous Hercules can go into the abyss and help people return home.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) 2010

Genre: Fantasy, adventure, family

Rating: 6.2

The painting is based on the work of the writer Rick Riordan with the same name.

A boy named Percy Jackson grew up without a father and always suffered from a lack of attention. One day on a school tour, the hero finds out that he is the son of Poseidon himself! He can control the water element! The boy never liked to study, and the teacher was still that "witch", so Percy and his mother went to a special camp for the demigods. But during the journey, they are attacked by the bloodthirsty Minotaur, who abducts a woman and disappears in an unknown direction.

Interesting:Cinema about Egyptian gods, mummies and pharaohs.

Films about the gods and demigods of Olympus are watched in one breath; The list contains fiction genre paintings. Spectators will see spectacular fights, bloody battles and beautiful love stories.

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