Moment of Truth - A film adaptation of the novel about Operation Bagration (August 1944)

According to Soviet books about the war, many adaptations were created, the purpose of which is to make young people understand how they lived in wartime. The new film based on the legendary novel directed by Oleg Pogudin, “The Moment of Truth” with the release date in 2020, the release of the trailer and the publication of the actors, will tell the viewer a little. The viewer will find out what really happened during the Belarusian “Operation Bagration”.

The budget of the picture is 650 million rubles.



Genre: drama

Producer: Oleg Pogodin

Release date: 2020 year

Cast: is unknown

The film will tell not only about overcoming the difficulties of the war, but also about a clash with oneself.

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The film will unfold in Western Belarus. This will be the end of Operation Bagration, one of the greatest operations in history. It would seem that the wedge of German troops could not be imagined as broken, but our troops showed the impossible - they defeated a huge number of German troops, some of which went into the Belarusian forests. The forest will become the main character along with people - only the most reckless dare to enter there. The detachment of the main characters will be just that, from the book we know that they can still win, despite the fact that they will pay a high price. However, perhaps the creators decide to change the finale and give it a new meaning.

Director and crew

The script for the film is based on the famous book of the Soviet writer Vladimir Bogomolov - the book is known to the reader as "In August forty-four."

Vladimir Bogomolov

The film project was presented at the cinema Foundation pitching. The film will be directed by Oleg Pogodin, who is known to our viewers for such works as: “Scream of Owls”, “House”, “Triumph”, “Homeland is Waiting”, “Invincible”.

Oleg Pogodin

The authors promise that the project will look like a thriller or "detective story inside a war film", which will be interesting to watch for both adults and the younger generation. Since the age limit will be 12+, there will be no naturalism that is usual for a modern youth audience. Producer Anatoly Maksimov (Stormy Gates, Turkish Gambit, 72 meters, High Security Holidays, Saboteur) spoke about the plot of Bogomolov’s film “Moment of Truth” like this:

"This is a story reminiscent of the scale of the great antique strategic successes. This is a film about the people who won."

Anatoly Maximov

We can expect that its entertainment will also become an integral part of the film, because its budget (650 million rubles) can afford it. The creators are counting on 1 billion rubles in rental fees.

The filming process will begin only in the summer of 2019. Part of the filming will take place in Moscow and the Leningrad Region, while the main production will take place in Belarus.

Actors and roles

At the moment, the cast of the film is not called, but, given the level of the project, it can be assumed that the stars of Russian cinema will be involved in it.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • According to the book "Moment of Truth" a film was already made - in 2000. Mikhail Ptashuk became its director, and he is called "In August of the 44th ...". Vladimir Bogomolov himself refused the authorship of the script for this project;
  • The novel "Moment of Truth" was included in the list of "100" books recommended for students by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for independent reading.

So far, viewers should expect when the director of the film “Moment of Truth” (2020) Oleg Pogodin will name the exact release date and cast, and also release a trailer for his large-scale historical film, which will become a powerful psychological drama.