How to protect yourself from Game of Thrones and Avengers spoilers

Usually, before the release of high-profile film premieres, such as the new series “Game of Thrones” or “Avengers: Final”, it is extremely dangerous to access the Internet, whether it be social networks, Yandex, Google or YouTube. But even if you don’t surf the Internet, spoilers can wait at every turn, not to mention friends or colleagues at work. So how do you protect yourself against spoilers and enjoy your favorite movie?

And is it worth it to be afraid of spoilers? Indeed, for many people, the plot revealed in details does not deprive of viewing pleasure. But you still have to be afraid of spoilers, with them you will no longer be surprised by the incredible plot twists, or even the sudden appearance of an old character. And everything immediately loses its meaning!

Spoiler protection

Some useful tips on how to protect yourself from unwanted spoilers:

  • Install a browser extension (for example, Game Of Spoils - especially for fans of Game of Thrones, Spoiler Protection 2.0, The Silencer, VK Feed Tweaks, etc.), which will warn that the content of an article or video contains certain words or phrases that the user determines to be unacceptable;
  • Use plugins on social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram) that allow you to set ignored words in the Privacy Settings that you would not want to see in the news feed;
  • Do not go specifically to the thematic communities dedicated to films. Here you can accidentally see not only a post on a topic with an appropriate heading, but also a random user comment;
  • Do not read reviews, reviews, fan theories, and also do not watch pictures of new products in browsers - SPOILERS may appear in signatures to them or even on the image itself;
  • Use your browser in Incognito mode to “leave no traces”, and search engines will not automatically search for you information based on previous queries.

Well, in transport it is better to wear headphones, suddenly one of the fellow travelers is discussing a new series or premiere.

Choosing one of the ways you can protect yourself from spoilers yourself and save friends, the best solution would be to not go to the Internet at all. But, since in our time it is almost impossible, you should be careful, or even unsubscribe for a while from all thematic publics and channels.