Ilyinsky line

Films about the war should be created by professionals who are the best in their field. An example of this is the painting “Ilyinsky Line” (filming took place in 2018) with talented actors of Russian cinema, a teaser trailer is available for viewing, and the release date of the film is scheduled for 2020. The Voyenfilm film studio entrusted the creation of the film project to Vadim Shmelev, Igor Ugolnikov and Yevgeny Aizikovich. The picture was shot in the Kaluga region, this is a feature film about the feat of cadets in October 1941 in a battle with fascists in the suburbs.


Genre: historical, military drama

Producer: Vadim Shmelev

World Release Date: 2020 year

Premiere in Russia: 2020 year

Actors:E. Dyatlov, A. Bardukov, D. Solomykin, S. Bezrukov, E. Rednikova. V. Mishchenko, R. Madyanov, D. Ursulyak, D. Spivakovsky. A. Gubin

The film was supposed to be shown in Russia, Germany, the USA and China, however, the stunt performer died on the set, and the shooting was completed. A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of the death, but so far no one has been found guilty of what happened. It is not clear to the end who controlled the tank, and why it did not manage to brake.

Relatives of the deceased young man intend to achieve at least some movement of the matter. The video below shows excerpts from a press conference where Shilkin’s family and friends share their version of this monstrous tragedy with his colleague.


This is a story about young Podolsk cadets, almost children, who in October 1941 took up defense on the Ilyinsky lines so as not to let the enemy go to Moscow. 3,500 Russian boys against the armed to the teeth and brilliantly trained German army, along with aircraft, tanks and armored vehicles. The confrontation lasted 12 days, it was only necessary to wait for reinforcements. The boys, not sparing themselves, held the defenses, knowing that they were unlikely to survive.

This is a story of heroic endurance, friendship and love. Most of the boys then remained at the turn of the line forever, and Podolsk cadets became new heroes.

Director and shooting

Vadim Shmelev, known for such works as the mini-series The Impostor, The Wild, The Provocateur and others, was directed and directed by Alexey Poyarkov (Chkalov and Special Forces). ) and Alexey Timoshkin ("Hot Ice"). According to the creators of the picture, they understand the high responsibility for historical authenticity, so they carefully collected all possible archival data and evidence from the few surviving eyewitnesses of those events, as well as relatives and descendants of the victims.

The search engine and deputy of the city of Obninsk, Oleg Komissar, participated in the presentation of the layout of the Ilyinsky Boundary movie set, invested personal financial resources in production, and supported the idea of ​​filming the picture when it first appeared. Due to his status as a deputy of the Legislative Assembly, he was able to open many doors for the film crew. According to the Commissioner himself, an agreement was signed that all rental profits will be directed to the construction of a new Museum in Ilyinsky.

Oleg Commissar

The shooting took place in the Kaluga region, in the Dzerzhinsky and Medynsky areas, locations and scenery are striking in their reliability. The set was visited in 2018 by the region's governor Anatoly Artamonov.

Among the producers of the film should be noted Igor Ugolnikov (“The Battalion”), Igor Furmanyuk (“A Matter of Honor”) and Evgeny Aizikovich (“Brest Fortress”). Algous studio is responsible for the special effects.

Actors and roles

The film starred:

  • Evgeny Dyatlov (Tobol, Red Mountains) as Ivan Strelbitsky, Colonel and Head of the Podolsky Artillery School;
  • Alexey Bardukov (“Jackal”, “Saboteur”) - Afanasy Aleshkin, lieutenant;
  • Dmitry Solomykin (“Emergency”) - Shapovalov, lieutenant;
  • Sergey Bezrukov (Yesenin, Brigade, Trotsky, Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive) - Ivan Starchak, captain;
  • Ekaterina Rednikova (“Hugging the Sky”) - Nikitina;
  • Vasily Mishchenko (“Rescuer”) - Eliseev;
  • Roman Madyanov (Kuprin) - Vasily Smirnov, Major General;
  • Daria Ursulyak ("Gurzuf") - Lisa Alyoshkina;
  • Daniil Spivakovsky (“Officers-2”) - Angles, engineer;
  • Artyom Gubin (“Youth”) - Sasha Lavrov;
  • Lyubov Konstantinova ("Birch") - Masha Grigoryeva;
  • Sergey Bondarchuk ("Stalingrad") - Dementiev and others.

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • The film set of the film project will be presented in Cannes, and the locations near Medyn, which appeared during the filming of the film, are planned to be used for other Russian and Western films in the future;
  • On the set, a stunt performer, 31-year-old Oleg Shilkin, was killed. The young man was crushed by a tank right on the set during one of the takes;
  • The picture involved not only popular actors, but also ordinary citizens who volunteered to help.

The exact release date of the new military film "Ilyinsky Line" (2018) is still unknown (tentatively 2020), the trailer has not yet been released, and the cast of folk drama will delight with new talents. It is worth noting that the presentation of the film project has already taken place on December 7, 2018 at the "Arctic Open", the International Film Festival of the Arctic countries.

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