Hellboy: The Revival of the Bloody Queen (Hellboy)

There will be no direct continuation of the original Hellboy films from Guillermo del Toro, but we will expect a restart of the entire franchise from director Neil Marshall, where the first film will be called Hellboy: The Revival of the Bloody Queen, in 2019, the actors and release date of which are known, and the trailer You can already see it in Russian. The premiere is scheduled for April 10, and the film will go on sale in Russia on April 11.

His expectation rating is 90% according to the version of the KinoPoisk website, which allows the film to break into the top of the most anticipated films.




Genre: fantasy, horror movie, fiction, action, adventure

Producer: Neal Marshall

World Release: April 10, 2019

Release Date in Russia: April 11, 2019

Starred in the film: David Harbor (Hellboy), Ian McShane (Trevor Bruttenholm), Milla Jovovich (Nimue) and others.

The audience is waiting for the next film adaptation of a hot comic strip about a hero who came to our world from hell.

Fan art


During the occult rite by the Nazis, a young demon Anung Un Rama is called into our world, who is the main character of the film. The demon was intercepted by the American military, so Dr. Trevor Bruttenholm took up his education, and the Paranormal Research Bureau became his home. Now Hellboy will have to fight with various creatures from a supernatural or other world, one of which is Nimue, the wife of Merlin. He goes to England to meet a sorceress, otherwise known as the Blood Queen, only the demon understands that if a battle begins between them, then this world definitely can not resist ...

Director and shooting

The director of the restart was Neil Marshall, known for his work on thrillers and horror films. Among his popular works, one can distinguish: “Descent” (2005), the series “Hannibal” (2013-2015), “The World of the Wild West” (from 2016), “Lost in Space” (from 2018), as well as the cult series “Game” thrones "(since 2011).

The script for the film was written by Andrew Cosby and Mike Mignola. It was Mike, the author of the original comic book, who tried to make a picture with an age limit of R, which means enough gloom, bloodyness and cruel scenes.

Neal Marshall

The musical accompaniment was composed by Benjamin Wallfish ("Dancing in the Desert" 2014, "Blade Runner 2049" 2017, "It" 2017).

The director of the original Hellboy films was Guillermo del Toro. Then (2004 and 2008), the films failed at the box office, earning only a few million more than the budget.


The cast of Hellboy 2019 includes both famous and less popular actors:

David Harbor, a longtime comic book fan of the hero from hell, was invited to play the main character of the film. He became popular thanks to the series "Very Strange Things" (since 2016). He also starred in The Great Equalizer (2014), Suicide Squad (2016). David himself said that he was very happy to participate in this film, that the script is very good, and the director is really talented;

The main villain was Milla Jovovich, a famous American actress with Ukrainian roots. Surely, many recognized her from the cult film "The Fifth Element (2007), as well as from the series of films" Resident Evil ", where she played the role of Alice, the main fighter for saving the world from zombies;

Also in the film took part: Ian McShane, Alistair Loops, Sasha Lane and others.

Interesting facts about the film

What might interest you:

  • David Harbor met with Hellboy starring in old films, Ron Perlan, to talk about the main character. Perlman himself wished his successor good luck;
  • The film is a film adaptation of Mike Mignola's comic strip Wild Hunt and Storm and Rage.

A trailer in Russian has already appeared on the network, the frames of which will tell in more detail about the plot and help to understand the character of the main character. By the way, he also reveals that the film is not deprived of good jokes.

We hope that the 2019 film “Hellboy: The Revival of the Bloody Queen”, with the named date, actors and trailer, already available for viewing, will become, indeed, successful, and many will rightly appreciate its potential.

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