Angels of Death (Killing Angels)

It is no secret to anyone that even now, in the 21st century, there are so-called traffickers. And there are many such terrible stories where many girls are taken into sexual slavery. Some manage to escape, but most of the victims remain in slavery to this day. To talk about this issue, director Daniel Rentas created the film "Angels of Death" with a release date in 2019, the actors of which are already known.

The film tells about the war of special services with criminals selling people into slavery. This thriller should raise keen interest in this problem and cause a public outcry.


Killing angels


Genre: thriller drama

Producer: Daniel Rentas

Release date in the world and in Russia: 2019

Starred in the film: Nadia Lanfranconi (Lorraine), Hunter J. Williams (Rusty Briggs), Kristen Carpenter (Raven) and others.

Unfortunately, the movie trailer has not yet been submitted.


Modern technologies only help criminals achieve their goals. The largest global network selling people into sexual slavery captures a group of teenagers who are turned into slaves and forced to fulfill any desires of the "owners". The guys realized that no one would help them and almost came to terms with the fact that they now have no freedom. The teens are already ready to be transported to other countries where they will be brutally abused, but a special military detachment called the "Angels of Death" comes to the rescue, who discovered a place where attackers are hiding. Now their main task is to eliminate the entire criminal group and prevent the death of the hostages.

Director and shooting

The director of the thriller was Daniel Rentas. He is little familiar to our viewers, and there are only a few projects in which he participated: "Divine Unrest" (2008) and the short film "Call to Action" (2012). Hunter J. Williams, one of the heroes of the "Angels of Death", participated in these projects. Hunter himself also acted as a screenwriter for the movie.

Hunter J. Williams


The thriller was attended by actors who were not famous for high-profile and popular films. Basically, they played in little-known projects, as well as in episodic roles of TV shows.

Hunter J. Williams will play, as mentioned above, one of the main characters - Rusty Briggs. Hunter’s films include Absolute Horror (2007) and Patient in Love (2011).

Also in the film were involved:

  • Nadia Lanfranconi ("Blue Dream" 2013, "Book of a Thousand Deaths" 2013, "Kominski Method" 2018 TV series);
  • Edin Gali (Mad Men 2007-2015, Fury 2014);
  • Kristen Carpenter (TV series Good Fight 2017);
  • Sewell Whitney (TV series Law & Order 1999, Wild Fire 2005-2008, Preacher 2016);
  • Bill Porter ("Call to Action" 2012);
  • J. Christopher (Beverly Hills 90210: The New Generation 2008-2013).

Nadia Lanfranconi, Sewell Whitney, Edin Gali, Kristen Carpenter

Name Features

"Killing Angels" translates as "killing angels" or "punishing angels." Yes, there will undoubtedly be murder scenes in this film. But the entire military special unit will only kill criminals. And they are called "angels," because they save people and bring justice.

The thriller can be confused with the film by Robert Rodriguez "Alita: Battle Angel", but the plot in it is relatively different: he will talk about the future and about the cyborg girl.

It is noteworthy that the film will be released in Russian distribution with an age limit of 18+, but in the American distribution it will be PG-13, which means "children under 13 are not desirable to watch."

All interested will have to wait for the official release date of the film "Angels of Death" 2019; We hope that the actors will do their job with dignity and show us all the horrors of sexual slavery, as well as the fight against it. This problem is really very important, especially for the modern world.

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