The Corgi

Well, which of us does not like cartoons? From them, childhood and carelessness always blows, and they turn out to be especially cute, funny and funny when a variety of animals are involved in them. And which animal is the cutest and funniest, and also faithful and faithful? The answer is obvious - the dog. In the film industry there are many films and cartoons about these animals, and in most of them dogs are the best friends of people, cute and brave creatures. So it is not surprising that to this day many continue to engage them in their projects.

One of the projects about the man’s best friend was the wonderful cartoon 2019 Royal Corgi. It was produced and animated by the Belgian studio nWave Pictures. The world premiere is scheduled for February 13, 2019. Well, the release date for the Russian hire is March 21, 2019, right before the celebration of International Women's Day. The age limit is 6+.

The idea for the film was that the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II simply adores Corgi. The Queen did not part with these dogs for 85 years, and some of them were immortalized in statues and even minted on coins. Therefore, it was precisely this breed of dog that was taken as the basis.

The director of this animated film was Ben Stassen, who presented us with such famous projects as “Who is Thunder and the House of Enchantment”, “Become a Legend! Bigfoot Jr.”

The composer of the cartoon was Ramin Javadi. One of his main projects is such a famous and popular series. like Game of Thrones. So we can safely say that the musical component will be successful. The authors of the script were Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith.


It turns out that the royal corgi is the most beloved dog breed among wealthy and influential people. The royal family also belongs to this number. In the center of the plot is a funny, but absolutely unbearable dog Rex, who lives as rich a life as his owners. He literally drives the whole royal servant crazy, but at the same time, Elizabeth II herself does not have a soul in him. But one day the pet will have to leave Buckingham Palace, fleeing political intrigues. It is in the streets of London, full of a different, unusual atmosphere for a dog that has lived all his life in the midst of luxury, Rex has to find his way back home, fall in love and prove that he is full of real royal qualities and deserves this proud title of royal corgi. Hold on, because this dog will surely subdue you!

In mid-November, a localized version of the trailer became available. He easily conveys the good, positive mood of the comedy, thanks to which everyone will definitely fall in love with these charming dogs.

The company Charades, which bought the rights to the rental of the cartoon around the world, promised that it would be in the spirit of the good old Disney paintings, such as "Lady and the Tramp", "Fox and the Dog."

Voice Actors

The voice of the protagonist, Rex, was given by Jack Whitehall, an experienced dubbing actor known for his Asterix: Land of the Gods project, as well as the movie The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms; Queen Elizabeth was voiced by Julie Walters, twice nominated for an Academy Award. Sherian Smith, Ray Winston, Matt Lucas, etc. also took part in the voice acting.

The cartoon of 2019 “Royal Corgi” is perfect for both single and family viewing. We are sure that he will present himself only on the good side and give you a lot of joyful and positive emotions.

Watch the video: THE QUEEN'S CORGI Trailer 2019 (February 2020).