Review of the film "Draft" (2018)

release date: May 25, 2018.

Genre: fantasy.

Producer: Sergey Mokritsky.

Cast:Nikita Volkov, Eugene Tkachuk, Olga Borovskaya. Julia Peresild. Severia Yanushauskaite, Evgeny Tsyganov. Elena Yakovleva, Irina Demidkina, Andrey Merzlikin.

Duration: 116 minutes / 01:56.

Age limit: 12+.

Lukyanenko’s beautiful narrative of Utopian fantasy on the theme of moving in parallel worlds, diluted by the average level of acting and not the best quality special effects that stretch the spectator’s torment for almost 2 hours. The only thing that makes you stay on the screens and continue to watch the movie is the opportunity to find out what secrets are hidden in the last of the worlds, and finally get answers to all the details of interest.

In the center of the plot, the viewer will see an ordinary guy Cyril, who, by virtue of his talents, could become a very successful designer in the field of computer game development. But suddenly the life of the protagonist turns 360 degrees, and now an unknown woman has settled in his apartment, and everyone he knew and loved ceases to recognize him. In search of answers, the young man follows a mysterious message and at the top of the water tower he learns that he has been given a new life and gets the opportunity to travel between worlds.

In the course of the movie, the guy finds out that he has become immortal and begins to enjoy his new qualities. But not so simple. Cyril is not allowed to move away from customs over long distances or death will overtake him, from which he can only escape in the water.

For almost 2 hours, the hero visits Moscow in a variety of historical realities - from the tsarist empire to auto-utopian delirium. All his travels are aimed at searching for the mysterious world of Arkan, where, according to the information received, Cyril will be able to find out all the answers to his questions. It is the climax that the viewer will look forward to throughout the film.

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