Review of the film "Kid on Drive" (2017)

original name: Baby Driver.

Genre: thriller, thriller, crime, music.

Producer: Edgar Wright.

Cast: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Asa Gonzalez, John Hamm, Jamie Foxx, John Burntal.

Duration: 112 minutes / 01:52.

Age limit: 18+.

The film "Kid on Drive" refers to the so-called category of films about cool racers, which is a separate, but unwritten cinema genre. However, such a peculiar genre at one time suffered both ups and downs, but its popularity has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, so Edgar Wright shot another picture about the “hard” life of the next guy, walking every day along the razor’s edge, on one side from which a normal life, but on the other - death, cruelty, robbery and prison.

To be fair, it is worth noting that the presented film is original even for its genre and, in fact, more reminds of a musical about American gangsters than a classic film about street racing. This feature of the presented picture makes its mark on the perception of the film by the broad masses of the population, but on the whole it brings something new to the already boring storylines with which the Carrier, Fast and the Furious and other action movies on wheels have fed us.

The film takes place around a young guy, who in his age is a very good driver, and everything would be fine, but the main character is a robber, and his driving skills are not used for good deeds. Despite this, the hero is not a killer, since he only helps the main thugs who do all the dirty work to escape from the scene of the crime. But over time, the guy realizes that further maintenance of such a lifestyle can cost him dearly, on the basis of which he decides to engage in his criminal activities.

Moreover, the hero met a charming girl Deborah, with whom he wants to have a serious relationship, and it seems that finally his life has taken a new, successful and law-abiding turn. But it’s not so simple, because one cannot leave the criminal environment at the first desire, and in order to start a new life, the guy must not just make another escape, this time from former accomplices, but make the most important breakthrough in his life, on which he himself depends his existence in this world, because his former leader, Dokka, does not tolerate betrayal!

“Baby on Drive” was shot in a rather unusual manner, reminiscent of a musical, which significantly distinguishes him from the crowd of his fellow brothers. It is important to note the fact that the actors participating in the film are an example of imitation of acting, which is expressed in everything from dialogs to their movements, which, by the way, remotely resemble a dance honed to automatism. Such an acting game allows you not only to get completely new impressions from watching the film, but also to completely penetrate its contents, which literally are breathtaking, and you do not have time to come to your senses, as unfortunately the film is coming to an end. And this does not mean at all that the film is short, the fact is that it looks in one breath, which makes time fly by much faster.

Of the shortcomings, we can mention only the relatively banal main plot, since it contains a typical bad guy in the role of "Baby", his desire to take the light path, and the crowds of criminals hindering him from this, which you will agree, we have already seen in more than one picture . It should also be said about a certain flaw in the behavioral and plot line of the secondary characters, in the motivation, fate and history of which it is not always clear. Obviously, the film crew made an incredible emphasis on the main characters, forgetting a little about such a thorough study of third-party characters that on the whole looks forgivable, especially considering the skill of the main characters!

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