17 interesting balconies that can only be seen in Russia

The balcony is a multifunctional place. For some it’s a warehouse, for some it’s a workplace, and for someone it’s a nice corner where you can retire. But the fantasy of apartment owners, judging by the photographs presented in our review, knows no bounds.

Abode of the pharaoh

Part of Ancient Egypt in Russia

Combination of apartments

"And the apartment was a floor below ..."

Balcony and character

Female and male look at the design of the balcony


A watchful dog keeps order on the balcony


Nothing extra

Skillful hands

Thanks to skillful hands, the window turns into a neat balcony


Balcony with a special place for a bicycle


Huge balcony on the background of small balconies

White crow

"A man wanted a balcony - a man made it!"

Creative balconies

These are not even balconies, these are smoking booths

CCTV point

It looks like a balcony of a draftee evading service

Architectural masterpiece

Balcony in the balcony

Royal balcony

Russia is a country of contrasts

Additional tier

Balcony for Carlson

Ethnic motives

Ethnic Patterned Balcony

Thought corner

Modest balcony for one person

"Post of Russia"

This balcony, as it were, hints that the Russian Post is a rather strange place