Sherlock’s new series premiered: It's worth watching Six Thatcher or not

In the evening of January 1, Channel One, simultaneously with the UK’s most popular television channel, Air Force One showed the premiere of the fourth season of the Sherlock series. The Six Thatchers series has become a major theme on Russian and global Twitter.

What is the series about

A teaser for the first episode of the fourth season appeared online in mid-December. A short video repeated the same keywords that sounded in previous Sherlock trailers: “internal demons”, “this is no longer a game”, “the darkest secrets”.

In the teaser, you can see the heroes of Martin Freeman (plays Watson) and Benedict Cumberbatch (plays the role of Sherlock), as well as one of the creators of the series Mark Gattis, who plays the role of Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother). In addition to them in the trailer flashes the main villain of the new season, Calverton Smith, played by British actor Toby Jones.

The first episode is called Six Thatcher. This is a clear reference to the ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher. By the way, the name echoes the title of Conan Doyle’s short story “Six Napoleons”. British critics saw this episode two weeks earlier than critics - December 22 last year. The film crew asked them to refrain from spoilers, but some still blabbed, saying that viewers would learn something amazing (even shocking) about John Watson. In addition, critics advised to wait for the final scene after the credits.

Internet response

An hour after Channel One launched the Six Thatcher series, the top Russian and world Twitter turned out to be entirely dedicated to the series. Moreover, in the world top in second place was the Russian-language tag #Sherlock’s Night. On the morning of January 2, the number of tweets on the main tag reached 313 thousand.

# nightsherlock
Morphine or cocaine?

- Oxygenius (@Lovelessofia) January 1, 2017

Briefly about the premiere: # NIGHTSCENLO

- pipe | 10.26.17 (@Matrigen) January 2, 2017

If this is all part of Moriarty’s plan to tear Sherlock and Watson, then this is ... quite somehow somehow gay #nightsherlock

- Ruslan Usachev (@RuslanUsachev) January 1, 2017

Yes, Watson is in a shit, but I give a tooth - there is a part inside it that is such a “pooh, well, at least the question of treason has been settled.” #Sherlock Night

- Danila Poperechny (@Spoontamer) January 1, 2017

What's next

Even before the official release of the first episode of the fourth season, the director of the series noted that the season could be the last. In total this season there will be three episodes: Six Thatcher, The Lying Detective (Sherlock will pretend to be terminally ill to force the main villain to confess to the murder) and The Final Problem, the name of which hints to the viewer that this is the end of the series.

The premiere of the series "The lying detective" is scheduled for January 8, 2017.

The premiere of the series “The Final Problem” is January 15, 2017.