The creators of "Sherlock" via Twitter appealed to the Russians. How did they react to this in social networks: best comments

The appeal appeared on the official page of the Sherlock series on Twitter in the evening of September 14, a few hours after it became known that the final series of the fourth season was drained to the Russian Internet.

- We know that the third episode of "Sherlock" was illegally uploaded to the online. If you encounter this, please do not download it, - the representatives of the series wrote, accompanying their tweet with a hashtag #KeepMeSpoilerFree (save me spoilers).

A similar Twitter post was posted by the producer of the series Sue Vertue:

- The Russian version of Sherlock was downloaded illegally. Please do not distribute it. You were so good at refraining from spoilers. It almost worked out.

Recall that the final series of “Sherlock” appeared on the Russian Internet a day before the official premiere. Someone uploaded to the cloud service a series in excellent quality - with full dubbing of Channel One and without logos.

Hashtag#KeepMeSpoilerFreelaunched by the creators of Sherlock, supported by thousands of people around the world. The Russians also did not stand aside, however, most of the tweets are no more than banter.

I'm worried about their relationship more than their

- Anowell❄ (@HiverBlog) January 14, 2017

#KeepMeSpoilerFree #NIGHTCHERLOK suggest that Russian-speaking sherlofans file a hashtag #sorrybbc let’s go guise

- johnlock forever (@ nastyabog1) January 15, 2017

BBC when Channel One leaked Sherlock’s 3rd series. # KeepMeSpoilerFree

- Mairo. (@zloimiro) January 15, 2017

when my children ask about the greatest moment in the history of Russian television, I will tell them about the merged series of Sherlock #KeepMeSpoilerFree

- Pultorashka (@aplismak) January 15, 2017


let english speakers taste subtitles

- Nastya (@StasyMik) January 14, 2017

#KeepMeSpoilerFree #NIGHT

The third world from the merged series Sherlock mod on.

- Namjinoshipper ~ (@ Dave666Strider) January 14, 2017

But I sincerely laugh with foreigners, as they regret for the first time in their life that they don’t know Russian 😀
#KeepMeSpoilerFree #NIGHT

- Spicic (@_NIALLINA_) January 14, 2017

When we leaked a new series in Russian on the Internet #Sherlock #KeepMeSpoilerFree # nightscherlock #Moriarty #Sherlock #sheriarty

- pie | sherlokvvusha (@Polinatheater) January 14, 2017