The Hero of the Walking Dead meme leaves the series

The 8th season of The Walking Dead came to a break for the winter holidays. The first half of the season, full of pathos, emotions, long conversations and not touching battles of the army of Rick against the army of Nigan, ended in a serious drop in spectator interest.

As usual, a storyline was prepared for the break, which would make the audience nervous and wait for episode 9, which will be released on February 25, 2018. It turns out that Carla was bitten by a walking person for quite some time, so he did not have long to live. The AMC channel has officially confirmed that the hero's days are numbered. Chandler Riggs, who plays this role, also said: "Yes, Karl will die. There is no chance that he will survive what happened. His story is really coming to an end."

If you do not follow events very closely, then recall that Karl is the son of Rick, the main character, the leader of one of the group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Karl received the greatest fame as a meme - his name is added at the end of the sentence.

Actor Chandler Riggs is not particularly happy about leaving the series, but who asked him: show runners need a strong move. However, the young man has a rather important period in his life - he is already 18, and he is going to go to college. In the series, Chandler starred in 11 years.

In addition to him, from the first season to the eighth passed Rick, Daryl, Carol and Morgan. The rest were sawed with varying degrees of severity for seven years.