5 drama series for those who want to cry

We do not promise that the tears from your eyes will flow like a river, but a portion of depression is definitely provided for you. So stock up on hot tea and delicious chocolate before clicking on PLAY. It is necessary to balance something with this endless serial despondency.

13 Reasons Why / 13 Reasons Why

Movie Search: 7.6 / IMDb: 8.4

They say this series is for teenagers. They also say that even adults sob over him like girls. The beautiful girl Hannah, who would live and live, suddenly commits suicide. Parents, friends, classmates - all in shock. What happened to Hannah? Why did she cut her veins? The answer is on audio tapes that Hannah recorded a couple of days before her death.

Breaking Bad / Breaking Bad

Movie Search: 8.8 / IMDb: 9.5

How?! Have you not watched this series yet? Urgently fix the situation and download torrents all seasons. This plot, stuffed with grief and drama, has not left anyone indifferent. From a modest school teacher who was diagnosed with a deadly disease to a drug lord ... From an exemplary family man to a heartless killer ...

Twin Peaks

Movie Search: 8.5 / IMDb: 8.9

Drama mixed with mysticism is a great choice for those who are now watching sitcoms and comedies. After all, everything needs a balance. Once on the river bank in a quiet provincial town they find the body of a local schoolgirl. What happened to her? Who killed her? We promise you will suspect every second hero. But you won’t guess who is behind this brutal reprisal. Well, the main trump card of this series is, of course, directed by David Lynch.


Movie Search: 8.0 / IMDb: 8.7

Tired of tortured reality? Want to escape somewhere ... some thirty years ago? Then this series is a great way to plunge not only into depression, but also into the seventies. You will have to monitor the work of two novice agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They plunge headlong into the world of cruelty, investigating the most heinous crimes and interrogating the most insidious criminals. With experience, they come to understand that the best way to find a killer is to understand what is going on in his head.

OA / The OA

Movie Search: 7.2 / IMDb: 7.8

The most unpopular series in our collection today. But in vain! The plot not only gives a portion of sad women, but also draws into the strange story of the main character - Prairie Johnson. The girl returns home after seven years of absence. Where has she been all this time, why has she disappeared and why has she returned? The search for answers to these questions is compounded by an unusual fact - at the time of her disappearance, Prairie was blind, and now she sees. True, he does not recognize his family, but at the same time claims that all this time was somewhere nearby.