5 series about true friendship

You can invest millions of dollars in shooting and get a gorgeous saga like “Game of Thrones”, you can come up with an incredibly twisted story about a drug dealer teacher and create a gorgeous Breaking Bad, but ratings like the top 100 best TV shows of all time will always be headed by a friend of everyone the story of six friends from Manhattan. If you believe in true friendship (and if you don’t believe), if you have already watched Friends and want something similar (and even if you have not watched "Friends"), then this collection is an ideal way to kill for several months.

How I Met your mother

A worthy alternative to Friends. The location is the same - New York. And in the center of the storyline - six friends unlike each other. Over nine seasons, viewers will see a lot: the characters will fall in love with each other, part, try to maintain friendship, step over themselves and their principles for the sake of best friends. The plot revolves around the romance of Ted Mosby, who is trying to find true love.

Two girls are aground

The story of two girls who, in pursuit of a dream (both dream of becoming mistresses of a cozy pastry shop) work as waitresses. They face a difficult task: by some miracle, putting aside their salaries and gratuities, to save a quarter of a million dollars. To find out if their plan will succeed, you need to look until the end of six seasons. By the way, a bonus awaits the audience: at the end of each series, the amount that the girls managed to accumulate for one day or another will be displayed on the screen.

Eighth feeling

Several people from different corners of the earth somehow find themselves connected with each other. They never saw each other, they have no mutual acquaintances, and they are separated by thousands of kilometers. Be that as it may, the connection is very strong. And it becomes not only the foundation for a lasting friendship, but also a threat: they begin to hunt for them. Therefore, to survive - you need to unite.

Brand new

After a dramatic breakup with a guy, an elementary school teacher named Jess moves into a rented apartment. Everything would be fine, but the girl has to share square meters with three strangers. And this is more likely a story about simple friendship than about love. By the way, the role of Jess is played by Zoe Deschanel, known for the film 500 Days of Summer. If you have not watched this movie, be sure to watch it and other films in good quality at kinohronik.net.


The series tells about the life (and friendship) of four girls, who are slightly over twenty. They are all completely different, but nevertheless they are united by a kind of peculiar folly, psychological problems that do not give them rest. By the way, the plot is based on a real story.