10 sticky series that could pass you by

Everyone knows that TV shows are now in trend, so a huge number of them are released annually. Keeping track of new products is almost impossible, so we have prepared for you a selection of interesting TV shows that probably didn’t catch your eye, but are definitely worth your attention.


Famous actor and comedian Zak Halifianakis decided that it would be nice to shoot a series about himself. Basket is a sad clown who fails after failure, but still does not give up in the hope that one day he will finally have a smile on his face and then his life will improve ...

Without obligations

Valerie divorced her husband not so long ago, and her brother Alex is a loser in love. Living together is much more profitable and not so lonely, so they come together. Every evening, relatives discuss their problems and dream of new beginnings, but fate only makes fun of them, throwing up failures. I wonder why it all turns out that way? Perhaps Valerie and Alex themselves are to blame for the troubles that they face literally every day?


John River is a young man who has served in law enforcement for several years. From childhood, he heard voices and saw ghosts who needed the help of a psychic. Often they help the River to investigate the most complicated cases, restore justice and at the same time show themselves well at work. Not so long ago, a colleague of John tragically died. Will he manage to unravel this incident?


The plot focuses on six women who work in primary school. They have a lot of personal and working problems, and teachers do everything in order to deal with them as soon as possible. But nothing comes out. Troubles haunt them literally at every turn ...

London spy

If you love London, respect the British, appreciate their specific humor and do not breathe evenly with Ben Wishaw, then the mini-series London Spy is definitely for you. Alex is a spy who devotes all his time to work. Danny is a dancer who cannot imagine his life without parties. A romantic relationship is established between the men, which is overshadowed by the sudden disappearance of Alex ...


Marcella is going through a difficult period of life. She had just suffered the exhausting divorce process, which literally sucked all the juices out of the woman. And in front of looming farewell to her beloved daughter, because she had come time to go to a boarding school. To somehow escape from personal tragedies, Marcella embarks on a new investigation, because she is an irreplaceable detective.


The series "Gomorrah" made a splash in Italy, so now this project breaks into the international market. The plot focuses on the Italian mafia clan, the main character is Ciro, a young man and faithful assistant to the godfather Pietro Savastano.


"Versailles" as if created for lovers of sexually explicit scenes. Louis XIV ascended the throne with a four-year-old child, so for a long time he had no power. But he grew up and decided that the time had come to change this sad state of affairs and overthrow the Council of Ministers, whose members did not want to recognize Louis’s legal right to rule. He goes to the small village of Versailles in order to think out a plan that will allow him to build his own influence in Paris.


Harry Clayton is a loser policeman who never made any progress at work. Everything else, he is unlucky in his personal life. Every day, Harry is a uniform disaster. But one day a bracelet that brings good luck falls into the hands of a man. At first, Clayton rejoices at such a gift of fate, but very soon he realizes that everything has a price and then he has to wonder if he is ready to pay it ...

Red oaks

The Red Oaks Country Club is the place all teenagers dream of. There you can have fun, make new friends, experience your first love and experience an unbearably painful parting. David Myers gets a job as an assistant in the club, hoping to make pocket money, but he doesn't even know what adventures await him there.