7 films that we watched to holes on videotapes

Imagine for a moment that the Internet does not exist. No removable drives with a terabyte of memory, which stores your entire collection of films and TV shows. No flash drives with which you can transfer the desired movie from one computer to another in a couple of minutes. And computers, in principle, also do not exist. Cinemas are a rarity, and even then they drive second-rate domestic films. Was it scary? Although those who grew up in the eighties and nineties, our imagination was supposed to cause nostalgia. Remember the videos and the stack of video cassettes in the closet? Remember how they waited on TV for the desired movie and dubbed it onto a videotape, erasing the previous movie? Recorded as is, with five-minute advertising. Oh, there was an interesting time. This is probably why people appreciated films so much. They were looking for exactly what they want to see. And having found it, they carefully kept their favorite movie on a video cassette, reviewing it in the evenings by the whole family. Our selection today is dedicated to those times. We made a list of 7 films that many often watched on videotapes. Watch and share your favorite films of those years in the comments.

I'm over it!

Falling Down | Thriller, drama | 1993 year

William considers himself a failure, because every day some kind of trouble happens to him, and he has no idea how to deal with it. For example, last week he found out that he would not be able to see his beloved daughter by a court decision, and yesterday his superiors sent him on indefinite unpaid leave on demand.

But put up with this state of affairs, William was terribly tired, so now, despite the ban, he is going to visit his baby’s birthday. People who meet a man consider him crazy, and only Detective Prendergast knows what it is.


Small Soldiers | Adventure, science fiction | 1998 year

The developers decided to introduce special self-learning microprocessors into the new line of soldiers, deciding that it would turn out to earn more money for the party. Who would have thought that the soldiers would prove indefatigably evil and unleash a war with other toys in the form of fantastic creatures?

The first to notice this was a little boy, who was used to helping his father in a toy store, and began to sound the alarm so that adults could join the war as soon as possible.


Twin Sitters | Comedy | 1994 year

Stephen and Bradley are restless twins that neither parents nor invited nannies can stand. They are spoiled, smart beyond their years and terribly playful.

One day, their father loses patience and hires Peter and David Falcone, two healthy men who can tame the boys and protect them if necessary, as nannies.


Ghost | Drama | 1990 year

Molly and Sam are an amazingly happy couple. They live soul to soul and do not even imagine that some events can become an obstacle to their relationship. But, unfortunately, fate orders otherwise.

Sam dies in a fight with a robber, and Molly does not know how to live on without her. For some reason, a man cannot rest and therefore follows his beloved even after death ... How will this tragic love story end?

Honey I have reduced children

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids | Comedy, adventure | 1989 year

Wayne Zalinsky is a talented scientist who invented a machine that can resize objects. Leaving his invention unattended, he could not even imagine that his little children, along with friends from a neighboring house, would decide to play with the car and, due to this, would be reduced to the size of ants.

Upon his return, Wayne cleans up his laboratory, sweeps all the trash along with the children, and throws it into the yard. Kids will have to not only overcome the difficult path to home, but also somehow contact their parents so that Zalinsky corrects everything.

True lie

True Lies | Action, thriller | 1994 year

Harry is a CIA agent who constantly vegetates on various secret missions. He works in a special unit and does not have the right to disclose information about his activities, so for everyone, including even Helen's wife, he is an employee of a telecommunications company, an ordinary office clerk.

The marriage, by the way, is bursting at the seams, because the wife can not understand where Harry is constantly disappearing. She suspects that he has a mistress, but soon the truth will be revealed to her ...

Do not threaten the south central while drinking juice in your quarter

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood | Comedy | 1995 year

Black comedy about how people live in dysfunctional neighborhoods. The main character is a guy nicknamed the Ashtray, who moves to a new house, and finds himself in the midst of extraordinary events. Being quiet, he hopes that his brother, who lives there, will help him not to get into trouble and continue to live in peace.

But he has completely different plans, because on these streets losers and wimps do not survive, and he, being an authority, cannot constantly cover the Ashtray. So the time has come for the hero to pull himself together and begin to comprehend the local way of life in order to earn authority and never be oppressed.

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